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Welcome to BAIRES, an innovative outsourcing firm, going places. Take a look around.



At Baires, our expectations are high. Our winning culture puts an emphasis on self-awareness, intensity, and detailed execution to hit our goals. We ensure that our clients are profitable in the markets in which they partner with us and are able to measure success on an objective scale. Our highly intelligent and motivated team works seamlessly with senior level individuals from the Fortune 500 companies we partner with to brainstorm solutions to every detail that demands execution.



We work with different industries, such as telecommunications, fashion, technology, and home entertainment all while exploring our next ventures.


We Make Marketing Incredible.

At Baires, we offer high returns for clients seeking creative avenues to connect with their customer base. We specialize in customer acquisition, customer retention, and business development for our Fortune 500 clients.


We believe relationships are important for business. Baires provides premier service to companies not only looking to connect to customers but also to gain long term partners with their services. We generate massive revenue for clients to secure their markets and to secure their business going forward. 


In a world bombarded with various mediums of advertising, our methods of  branding and communications have produced the most effective and measurable results for customers and clients alike.







We personalized every experience to each and every client. Customers love us. We work with them, laugh with them, and solve problems with them. We point to our high percentage rates of customer satisfaction and yearly customer retention as evidence of the effectiveness of our methods. 


Our clients are some of the biggest in the world. Each has their own mission statements, company visions, and objectives they want to hit for each fiscal year. We come in as a tried-and-tested, viable partner in the completion of their respective company goals. This personalized touch of business allows us to leave our mark on many different industries and build strong customer relations with our brand. 


Our goal at Baires is to become the fastest growing outsourced advertising company in our inaugural fiscal year and to pace the industry going forward as one of the premier marketing organizations in the country. We have plans to open another 10 locations by 2021 and build exclusive partnerships with Fortune 500 companies around the world. 


We realize that when efficiency and consistency come together, greatness results. The quality individuals who represent our brands are highly sought after to run future endeavours that our clients have lined up for us. As our clients grow, we grow. This commitment is what has allowed us to expand and begin the journey of changing the trajectories of client’s expectations, customer’s experiences, and the career paths of our team. 


888 Biscayne Boulevard

Suite 505, 5th Floor

Miami, 33132


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